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    Textiles and prints


    Materials, printing, colours, screen printing…
    The meanings of such terms are not always clear to everyone.
    Here’s your chance to get up to speed!

    Sac-Citoyen offers various natural materials for use in producing your tailor-made bags and textile products.
    These textiles are woven using a production process which treats both people and the planet with respect.

    We can also offer a number of techniques to give your visuals the quality they deserve.



    Cotton comes from various countries (India, United States, Africa and Europe) and is the most extensively produced natural fibre in the world. Since the 19th century, with advances in industrialisation and agronomics, it has become the number one textile fibre in the world (nearly half the world’s consumption of textile fibres).

    Organic cotton is grown using environmentally friendly processes, and in accordance with criteria established by quality charters. It is also GM free.

    The absence of chemical pesticides and colours gives this cotton, which is hypoallergenic, a more pleasant feel.


    The vast majority of products made by Sac-Citoyen are made from cotton.

    Prized by our customers, it offers you a beautiful result, whether using unbleached or dyed cloth.

    Our cotton cloth, woven by TENTHOREY in the Vosges, is available in different weights (expressed as g/m² of fabric), ranging from 126 g/m² to 350 g/m².





    Sac Citoyen - sac publicitaire en coton bio - impressions en matières naturelles - cabas, trousse, sac, sac à dos, pochon, besace - 100% sur mesure - tenthorey


    Linen is made from flax, a natural, ecological raw material, and one of the few textile fibres to be farmed in Europe. France is the world’s leading producer of flax, with farms chiefly located in Normandy and Picardy.

    Flax is one of the most ecologically sound textile crops: it does not require inputs of polluting chemicals or irrigation, and requires crop rotation, which prevents the soil from becoming exhausted.

    Linen is a beautiful material; its colours and rustic appearance give it the appearance of purity. It is also a very hardwearing material.


    The fact that linen cloth needs more working than cotton cloth makes it more expensive.

    However, Sac-Citoyen still feels it is important to offer you this material since it will enable you to create exceptional items.

    The Tote bag, Chic-Cabas, Cross Body Bag and Bread Bag are all products with real potential when made from this material.

    One of our most beautiful linen creations is the Cotton-lined Chic-Cabas decorated with a logo embroidered in turquoise thread, made to celebrate a wedding.


    Tenthorey Sac citoyen réalisation de sac ecologique equitable coton lin sur mesure


    Special textile ink is applied to the fibres of the woven cloth, ensuring a fine result. We can print using 1 to 6 colours on one or both sides, with a printable area measuring 28 cm × 28 cm.


    Screen printing is our preferred printing method. It offers you the best quality/price ratio, enabling you to deliver projects with a fine result for minimum investment.

    Applied in France, the screen printing of your products can be on both sides, with a maximum area of 28 × 28 cm.

    We use Pantone colours.



    Sac Citoyen - sac publicitaire en coton bio - impressions en matières naturelles - cabas, trousse, sac, sac à dos, pochon, besace - 100% sur mesure - tenthorey


    The inkjet printer uses liquid ink and gives colour results of near-photographic quality.

    Ideal for industrial marking of flat or curved surfaces, inkjet printing can be adapted to suit all our textile products.


    The quality of inkjet printing cannot be denied; the colour finish is more visually appealing and detailed, but it is more expensive than screen printing, which remains more basic.

    Sac-Citoyen recommends this printing type for visuals incorporating more than 8 colours.

    If you are at all unsure, our team is here to advise you. Don’t hesitate to contact us !



    Embroidery is a process which uses thread to produce your visual.

    The technique consists in adding a flat or textured motif produced from threads to a cloth.



    Embroidery is a top-of-the-range marking technique. It will certainly help your visual stand out, particularly small logos.

    Our embroidery is hard-wearing, colourful, sure to please.

    We recommend this technique for unbleached or coloured products or linen.

    Unsure about anything? Have a question? Contact us !

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