For Sac-Citoyen, the adventure begins in 2005,
when the Nicolas Hulot Foundation contacts Tenthorey
about launching a bag made from fairly traded cotton.


Enthused by the project, we buy in cotton supplies from West Africa, which we then spin and weave at our plant in the Vosges. We seek out local partners for the printing and making stages.

Buoyed up by this first successful venture, we develop a collection of fairly traded cotton and organic cotton bags: the “Sac-Citoyen” subsidiary is born. From there, the personalised and tailor-made promotional bag business grows and develops. In 2007 Sac-Citoyen secures its first orders from the Carrefour supermarket chain. It does not take long for our bags to gain a reputation, and soon other big names come to work with Sac-Citoyen, such as the French Environment Ministry, the Lorraine Regional govenment, Système U, Toyota, Leclerc, Biomonde and Marie Claire.



Whilst never straying from its commitments (quality products, responsible consumption and production methods, approved certifications etc.), Sac-Citoyen knows how to innovate and find alternative solutions to make its textile products available to the largest possible market.

Sac-Citoyen turns to local subcontractors to make its bags:


  • The dyeing of fabrics takes place in the Vosges and in the Rhône valley
  • For “Made in France” lines, we work with workshops in the Vosges, and to meet every requirement (particularly in terms of customer budgets), Sac-Citoyen also works with a production workshop in the Maghreb and another in the Balkans.
  • When it comes to printing and screen-printing your designs, we work with service providers in the Vosges and in the north of France.